Friday, December 21, 2012

Lingerie Shower

I love love love lingerie cookies! They are so fun to design and decorate!! My friend Ashley had a lovely shower a few weeks ago and I was so excited to make cookies for her!

I think the lace bra and thong are my favorite :)

I hope I have another lingerie order soon!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

6 months

I completely skipped 5 months. I've been so busy with the girls, cookies and the holidays that I've had zero time to blog.
At 6 months you:

.weigh 18 lbs
.size 4 diaper
.wear 9 month clothes & some 9-12
.eat 6-8 oz & get cereal or baby food once a day
.you love cereal & try to feed yourself-miss independent
.you've had carrots, green beans & prunes. You liked them all but cereal is still your favorite
.you stopped nursing at 5 months
.you sleep in your crib unswaddled. Momma has to give you your NUK at least once throughout the night
.i still put you in the rock-n-play if you are restless
.you take a short morning nap, 2-3 hr afternoon nap, & sometimes an evening nap
.you get a bottle btwn 7-7:30 & wake up around 7
.you love your jumper & are very content in it
.you last about 20 min in your walker and then your over it
.you love your sister and want to touch her & everything she's playing with(sister likes this sometimes)
.you are very loud-it's all or nothing with you,no in between :)
.December has been/will be rough-you were constipated last week(ugh that was awful), getting a cyst removed by your ear today. get stitches removed, 6 month shots,traveling for Xmas. Sis woke up with a cold so hopefully we don't add that to the mix
.you roll from back to tummy but no desire to roll tummy to back. Still hate being on your tummy
.sleep on your side

Sadie Bell you are so sweet. I love the 6 month mark because your personality has come alive. You are so funny and we always talk about how fun it will be when you can interact with T. We love you so much and are so thankful for your life.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Catch up

I have been so busy with cookies the last 2 weeks that I'm just now getting a chance to blog. The time change has made my little ones get up earlier so that+LATE nights decorating cookies+homemaker duties+packing for our trip this weekend=an extra cup of coffee for this momma :)

Pics from last week

"M" onesies for a baby shower-

Love these colors-cream,coral & gold. I got this order the night before the shower and was trying to finish an order from NC. It was a busy 24 hrs :) but I couldn't resist making them!

Shipped these to NC

Charlie Brown cookies for my dad's birthday! He loves Charlie Brown holiday specials, ha!

I also made wood grain cookies for him because he's quite the craftsman!

Sunflowers for our friends newest addition Miss Parker :)

Sorry not the best picture- i was in a hurry

Hopefully I'll find time to post this weeks orders soon!! I'm starting some really funny ones today so hopefully they'll turn out the way I'm picturing them in my head!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday from my family to yours!

I have some fun cookies this week so stay tuned!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Engagement cookies

I was so excited to help host an engagement party for my friends Stone and Ashley. Stone and Billy (the hubs) are best friends and we met Ashley through my brother and SIL when they were trying to get Stone and Ash together. I've been so excited for their engagement and had a lot of fun throwing them a party. Of course, I had to make cookies for such a special occasion!

I found the stick figure cookies on pinterest and thought they were so stinkin' cute. I made monogrammed cookies in their wedding colors (which are so fun) and I had to add some bling into the mix so I made diamond rings with sparkle. I'm so mad I didn't get a better picture of these! Oh yeah, and I broke one-oops :/

Congrats Stone and Ashley!! So happy for y'all! :)
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Car Party

My sweet friend Elizabeth asked me to make cookies for her son, Asa's 2nd birthday party. He had a car themed party which I thought was such a cute idea. I matched the cookies to his party invitation and added stop signs and road"2" cookies. Sadly we weren't able to go to his party which I was so bummed about. AND even more bummed after I saw how great of a job Elizabeth did with his party decor. She made the cutest road on their driveway and had lots of Tykes cars for the kiddos to ride. Such a great idea!

Happy Birthday Asa!!!
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Monster Mash

I have been looking forward to making Halloween cookies for a few weeks now! I saw the witch legs and Frankenstein on one of my favorite blogs and thought they were so cute!!

I've never been a big fan of Halloween. I grew up in the country and only went trick-or-treating a few times to my grandparent's house ha! We've never had trick-or-treaters come to our door or anything. I'll get to experience it this year since I live in a neighborhood and I really wanted to hand out sugar cookies but my husband reminded me that most parents won't let their kids eat homemade treats. Duh! I wasn't thinking :) SO I made cookies for our community group pumpkin carving party instead :) its still fun to eat Frankenstein cookies when your an adult, right??

Loved making these bad boys

I'm hosting an Engagement party for our friends tonight so be looking for those cookies soon! And I had an order for our friends TWO year old birthday party which I'll post after the party tomorrow.

Happy Saturday!

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